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DM double shell multistage pump

DM type horizontal double shell multistage pumps is according to API610 (10th edition) standard design products, the structural forms of double shell, radial geophysiccal processes, multilevel two-terminal bracing pump (rotundity pump), also called BB5 type pump. Used in high temperature, low temperature, neutral or corrosive liquid transportation.
Chemical plant
Chemical engineering
Refrigeration engineering
Power plant
Ocean engineering
Performance range:
Flow (Q) : can reach 2500m3 / h
High-lift (H) : can reach 3000m
Working pressure (P) : can reach 40MPa
Working temperature (t) : - 80 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃
Design features:
1.DM type pump adopts horizontal cylinder structure radial geophysiccal processes, single suck multistage centrifugal impeller center support by balance drum axial force balance.
2.Cylindrical tube body and cover of the pump outlet tight set in, in airtight under the action of high voltage medium, sealed performance is good.
3.According to pump type and operation condition, can match sliding bearing or rolling bearing water-cooled or fan cooled.
4.High temperature medium, conveying sealing cabinet can bring cooling water cavity.
5.According to need can match packing seal or mechanical seal. Only bear entry ends seal low-pressure, seal flush proposal execution API682 standards.
Technical advantage:
Products all adopt API610 standard design, high reliability, has good compatibility. The columned cylinder structure, make pump export under high pressure, only end to ensure safety. Pump adopts the center support, cylinder bottom have assisted positioning structure, rotor only use pull out type structure, convenient maintenance, without disassembly line. All hydraulic components in transmission medium baptized, evenly heat components, inflation even. Pump hydraulic model good, efficient, fight cavitation performance of the district. Only use balance drum balance axial force, residual axial force is small, bearing low temperature. Only use axle design, have smaller deflection, the shaft seal axial and long ser.