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FG high silicon cast pump

Structural features: FG high silicon cast iron pump is a single stage, single suction, cantilever centrifugal pump, the main components are: pump, pump cover, impeller, shaft, brackets, couplings. Rolling bearings, lubricated by grease. Seal cavity can hold a single mechanical seal or double mechanical seal. Claw-type coupling with a pump directly driven by a prime mover. Read from the drive-side pump, pump counterclockwise rotation.
Applications: FG High silicon cast iron pump in contact with the transport medium flow part of the high silicon cast iron (StSi15) manufacturing, which can be widely used in chemical, petroleum, metallurgy, synthetic fiber, medicine and other departments for a small amount of solid particles transported , in addition to hydrofluoric acid, caustic soda, sodium sulfite variety of other strong corrosive liquids.
Diameter (DN): 25 ~ 150mm
Flow rate (Q): 3.6 ~ 190m3 / h
Head (H): 15 ~ 40m
Working pressure (P): 1.0MPa
Temperature (t): 0 ℃ ~ +100 ℃
Shaft seal: single mechanical seal, double mechanical seal and can be equipped with cooling, flushing or sealing liquid system, choose according to user requirements.
Pump: High silicon cast iron
Pump Cover: High silicon cast iron
Impeller: High silicon cast iron
Shaft: 3Cr13
Pump Bracket: Cast Iron
Coupling: Cast Iron
Due to the high silicon cast iron has high hardness, impact toughness is low, some characteristics such as temperature sensitive, to bring some difficulties in the use and production. For these characteristics, I produced the high silicon cast iron products are all strictly heat treatment, while it has increased strength and toughness. Nevertheless, as set by the material properties are still far more common poor strength and toughness of cast iron. To ensure safe and reliable operation. In the process of installation and handling requirements to avoid the beating impact, sudden changes in operating temperature not to increase pump life.