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Constant pressure feed water Equipment

The series of products using modern detection technology, digital process control technology, frequency control technology and highly reliable new main circuit switching equipment, machinery and instruments using a flexible modular design, the device characteristics and device features auto-coordinated and complete pipeline design, with obvious technical performance advantages, is a new automatic water supply equipment. Full range of products used for high-end brand-name components inside the device configuration, the use of modular, modular, programmable functions, can be advanced communications network control system, is a high quality, high performance, multi-functional automatic water supply equipment.
Application: applicable to all types of general intermittent water applications.
Widely used in residential, commercial and residential, office buildings, hotels, schools, hospitals and various public buildings, the automatic pressure (constant pressure) water supply situation.
High-rise buildings for automatic water supply system.
For hot water heating, hot water supply system as a constant pressure replenishment equipment. Water tank with high water tower as a way to automatically pump.
Applicable to military installations, railway, port, construction site, construction of water supply earthquake zone.
Design features:
This series of products using standardized and unified control system technology options, convertible with any manufacturers drive and other components, debugging service especially convenient for the product after-sales service and laid a good foundation, technological progress will not be problems caused by service . Developed by the company specializes in intelligent pressure regulator controller, has the following unique features: A,automatic tracking changes in multi constant flow control, energy efficiency is much better than generally constant pressure control mode. B, automatically change increases, the flow back to the time difference between decompression from the root to avoid accelerating or decelerating, when the pump "traffic monitoring industry" shock problem. C, automatically determine the unit in the stop point of the pump to avoid the differences caused by the pump parameters can not stop the phenomenon of machine or frequent starts and stops. The series can be expanded or programmed to change functions, the standard communication interface for connecting on-site operation screen, remote control panel, host monitoring computer, applicable to special and complicated operation control and network monitoring requirements.
The series has a comprehensive fault protection and countermeasures, the drive failure protection, automatically downgrade to run (a frequency automatic water supply equipment), Automated System, you can also manually operated emergency standby and win time to repair.