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Diaphragm shaft coupling

Coupling is used to produce the original motivation for the movement and torque transmission to the device from the motives, both from motives of compensation between the prime mover and the manufacturing error, installation error, bearing deformation and temperature change after the impact of caused by the axial, radial and angular offset function.
Structure and working principle:
Diaphragm flexible coupling of the elastic element by a number of thin metal composite composed of a circular diaphragm, multilateral, waist and other forms. Precision on the same circumference of the main bolt staggered intervals, driven installation disk connected to the elastic pieces so that the arc is divided into staggered under tension and compression of several parts. Tensile part of the transmission torque, the compression part of the trend of fold, when the unit there is axial, radial and angular offset, the diaphragm part of the extension, the other part of the compression wave generated deformation. Designed to be flexible pieces of specific stiffness in three directions, the right working conditions to meet the crew.
Using a wide range, especially for high-speed power.
Installation, use, maintenance is simple.
Long service life.
Work in harsh environments, suitable for high temperature (300 ℃ below) or corrosive applications.
Compensation for axial, angular displacement capacity, and can shock absorption, isolation.
Simple, safe and reliable.
No noise, zero clearance, set rates, without lubrication.
Role in connecting an additional load on the device small.
Fully meet the API671 standard.
For a variety of chemical pumps, oil pumps, centrifugal pumps, double suction pumps, sewage pumps, hydraulic pumps, vacuum pumps, reciprocating pumps, mud pump, blower, gear, hydraulic coupling, compressors, generators and so on.
The product is most suitable for petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, machinery, environmental protection, mining, marine, aerospace, water diversion project, nuclear power, military and other fields.
The best of todays domestic and international transmission connections.