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QH submergible pump

Overview: Developed by our company QH series submersible pumps, has drawn on the advantages of similar products at home and abroad, in the hydraulic model, mechanical structure, sealing the form of cooling, protection, control, and many were integrated optimal design. The carriage of solid and good performance of anti-filament-wound, high efficiency and reliability; supported by professional development of the private cabinet, not only can achieve automatic control, can also ensure safe and reliable operation of the motor.
Transmission medium temperature T ≤ 70 ℃;
Transmission neutral or with the corrosive medium;
Conveying clean or with particles of the medium;
Dual phase steel materials suitable for conveying water pump or containing high chloride media.
Bearing: SKF or NSK bearings selection of imports, reasonable bearing configuration can extend the pump life;
Seal: two independent mechanical seal to work independently, to separate the motor and pump seal, provides a double protection for the motor, while the two sets of mechanical seals on its own seal cavity oil lubrication, and its more stable, not affected by transport media interference.
Motor: The unique design of the submersible motor, protection class IPX8, the motor itself with water cooling jacket, even if the motor is not fully immersed in water, but also work long hours.
Control: Dedicated cabinet with water level float switch and probe combination, to achieve automatic power-off leakage, alarm; equipped with temperature resistance and temperature control switches, all-round monitoring of the functioning of the pump.
Installation: can be automatic coupling installation, mobile installation, fixed installation.
Pump: pump and motor coaxial, shaft seals, the shaft and the transmission medium does not come into contact, protect shaft from corrosion.
Water: digestion and absorption of foreign advanced hydraulic model, so that the pump run more smoothly, and high efficiency.