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SE.SED pulp and sludge pump

Structure Overview: SE, SED-type pump is single stage horizontal centrifugal pump, open impeller, can effectively prevent the viscous and fibrous media jam. The structure allows the pump internal parts (bearings, shaft seal, impeller) and the pump pipe separately. The internal structure of the pump is not dead and will not cause the accumulation of fibers or scraps of paper. Structure of a single volute pump, inlet flange, outlet flange, the pump is integral with the pump bearing cast. Suction pipe is horizontal, the outlet pipe is vertical. In order to prevent pump wear, installed in front of the impeller and easy replacement of a wear plate. The best moment of change in the wear plate, you can run the pump to maintain high efficiency. Specially designed open impeller with hyperbolic structure design, specifically for transmission of high plastic medium. Impeller designed to form after the song, to prevent the particles remain in the impeller back. As the impeller is fully open impeller, in the packing box has small residual stress.
Application: for conveying sewage, pulp and liquid medium containing gases can handle up to 10% non-blocking weight concentration of the slurry, puree. Mainly used in:
Paper, pulp and fiber board industry
Alcohol, sugar and starch industry
Industrial wastewater treatment
Flow rate (Q): up to 4100m3 / h
Head (H): Up to 300m
Working pressure (P): 2.5MPa
Temperature (t): -80 ℃ ~ +320 ℃
High efficiency, low energy consumption; QH curve steep drop, good controllability
Open impeller specially designed to enable transmission fluid up to 10% solids content, gas content of up to 6%
Using replaceable wear plates, to prevent premature corrosion of the pump
Excellent NPSH value, when the transmission medium contains large amounts of solids, the pump head and the efficiency did not affect
Shaft seal: single mechanical seal, double mechanical seals, dynamic seals and packing seal can be equipped with cooling, flushing or sealing liquid system, choose according to user requirements.
Material: present the companys corrosion-resistant materials, can meet the requirements of the various media. When ordering, please provide the details to the transmission medium.