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SM double suction pump

SM series (SML vertical) are single-stage, double suction, longitudinally splitting pump , suitable for handling clean liquid or liquid slight with solid particles. The pumps are suitable for waterworks, Water supply and drainage station , Refrigeration and heating system , farm irrigation , power plants, Industrial water supply system ,paper, fire fighting system , water conservancy project Caliber:80~1800mm
Flow rate : ~ 50000m3 / h
Head : ~ 200m
Working pressure : ~2.5mpa
Working temperature: -45 ~ +180 ℃
Overview: SM series single-stage, double suction, axially split pump, installed in the form of horizontal or vertical, suitable for handling clean or with micro particles of the medium.
Water supply and water treatment, irrigation and sewage treatment
Power plants, thermal power plant heating pipe network
Marine pump and cooling water pump
Salt from seawater, marine industrial
Pipeline pressure, the paper industry, industrial processes
Energy recovery turbine
Flow rate (Q): up to 10000m3 / h
Head (H): Up to 180m
Working pressure (P): 2.5MPa
Temperature (t): -50 ℃ ~ +180 ℃
Design features:
Pump: SM Series pumps are axial split double suction volute pump. Split structure for the axial case, suction and discharge pipe in the bottom half of the shell parts, remove the above components (shell, bearings), the rotor can be completely exposed, without having to remove the pipe and pipeline valve case, the rotor parts can be removed for maintenance. In addition, the drive can be saved in the installation position.
Impeller: closed with a double suction impeller flow channel, equipped with replaceable wear rings, wear rings from the shell and the object of its isolated parts, the best blade geometry to ensure high efficiency of the pump, cavitation low-margin, operating range and stable operation, the pressure fluctuations and small features. If the piping system layout is reasonable, to ensure the elimination of double suction impeller hydraulic axial thrust caused.
Bearings and Lubrication: coupling end of the wear to the roller bearings absorb the radial forces, face to face installed ball bearing thrust to the heart to determine the axial position of the rotor and to absorb the remaining hydraulic axial thrust. Bearings lubricated with thin oil and the oil ring with a rejection. Shaft seal: mechanical seal or packing seal.
Material: present the companys corrosion-resistant materials, can meet the requirements of the various media. When ordering, please provide the details to the transmission medium.