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ST desulphurization pump

Overview: ST (horizontal pump), STL (vertical pump) series desulfurization in the ZB series slurry pump design and manufacturing experience in success on the basis, in view of the characteristics of FGD pump, absorbing domestic and foreign like products technology, well-developed series of new generation of highly efficient desulphurization pump, the pump maximum flow range up to 20000m3 / h, the pump head in the 100m the following general, covering all the desulfurization system operating conditions with the pump, slurry circulation pump can be used as a large absorber and limestone slurry pumps, gypsum slurry discharged from the pump, recycling pumps, pit pumps.
ST-type horizontal, single pump casing, single stage, single suction, bracket-style (or suspension type) structure.
STL-based vertical structure of a single pump casing, lengthened vertical depth of desulfurization pumps can meet a variety of working conditions.
Metal diaphragm coupling.
To adapt to conditions:
Slurry PH value: 2.5 ~ 13
Chloride concentration: ≤ 60000ppm
Weight concentration: ≤ 60%
Medium temperature: ≤ 120 ℃
Performance and material characteristics:
Pumps, high efficiency, long life, reliable operation.
Flow components with all-metal wear and corrosion resistance of chromium-nickel alloy material, resistant to both wear and abrasion, a small gap between the surface of crystal, with excellent resistance to chloride stress corrosion cracking capacity and a higher mechanical strength.
High reliability, all-metal pump to overcome the non-metallic lined pumps prone to fall off, tear, deformation and other shortcomings.
Hydraulic friction loss, compared with the same efficiency parameters of the non-metallic pumps more than 3%.
All-metal geometry is easy to control the pump to ensure the part surface finish, components with small gap, high volume efficiency, overall efficiency higher than 5% non-metallic pumps.
Long service life, over-current pump parts, metallic sliding wear plates subjected to shear capacity than the average non-metallic materials, able to withstand long-term shear wear.
Dynamic abrasion resistance is 0.008 ~ 0.08mm / year, high tensile strength, abrasion conditions in long-term guarantee a constant performance.
Seal Type: Seal all mechanical seals, mechanical seals to wear my factory seal water into a water-seal type and in two forms:
A water-seal:
Double mechanical seal, pump seal water flow is 0.1 to 1% of the traffic, but the minimum is not less than 0.3m3 / h; seal water pressure pump outlet pressure is equal to 1 / 2.
No seal water type:
Wash water medium from the mechanical seal, spring protection, unique structure, water-saving effect.