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ZB slurry pump

Overview: The pumps are horizontal, single stage, single suction, cantilever, double-pump case, centrifugal slurry pumps. The use of modern CAD design, hydraulic performance, high efficiency and low wear rate. Using expeller seal and mechanical seal combined with packing, ensure that the slurry no leakage. Flow spacious, anti-blocking performance, cavitation performance is superior. Reliability design, ensure the machine mean time between failures (MTBF) increased significantly. Metric bearings with oil lubrication, lubrication and cooling systems to set reasonable, ensure the bearing is running at a low temperature. Flow components using special materials, wear good corrosion resistance. Special treatment, for the ash and water and salt water corrosion electrochemical conditions. Within the allowable pressure range for use of multi-level series, the maximum allowable working pressure of 3.6MPa.
Application: colored and black ore concentrator and tailings handling, power, metallurgy, mining, coal, building materials, chemical industry transportation abrasive or corrosive slurry, thermal power plants in particular, except ash, coal preparation HM Plant and Coal Slurry transportation, marine transportation mortar sand excavation operation, irrigation, drainage and other drainage applications. It can handle a maximum weight of slurry concentration: 45% mortar, pulp 60%. User can be run in series.
Flow rate (Q): up to 12000m3 / h
Head (H): Up to 130m
Working pressure (P): 4MPa
Temperature (t): -80 ℃ ~ +260 ℃
Features: ZB series slurry pump in the hydraulic and structural design are innovative, and its flow components using self-developed high-chromium alloy cast iron, with good abrasion and corrosion resistance. By the State Quality Inspection Center of industrial pumps and hydraulic experts, agreed that the overall performance of the pumps leading domestic level, most indicators of the efficiency of the pump up to international standards. Because of its superior performance, this series of pumps is the national electric power, metallurgy, coal industry granted numerous awards and titles.
Shaft seal: single mechanical seal, double mechanical seals, dynamic seals and packing seal can be equipped with cooling, flushing or sealing liquid system, choose according to user requirements.