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Product supply
How to choose which series to determine the pump
Involves to the concrete shaping, must first determine that which series selects the product, if looked purely the current capacity, lifting and so on basic parameter, possibly has many series to be able to select model Which series specifically but should select, is a need overall evaluation question, below carries on from several big aspects to Our company product to divide:
1st, from the design, the manufacture standard aspect divides into uses the API standard, with the non-API standard. Our company uses the API modular design the product mainly to have: SZA series, SZE series, SZF series, LY series, TF series, FL series and so on;
2nd, the basis installs the condition to divide into the vertical pump (for example under fluid the pump DW series, the LY series, the DB-Y series, T series and so on and pipeline pump G series and so on) and the horizontal pump (the CH series, the SZA series and so on) ;
3rd, basis current capacity size choice: Small current capacity (0.3m3/h~6m3/h) FL series, especially big current capacity SM series, SSP series, HZW series and so on ;
4th, the basis attracts requests to divide into the self-absorption (the IHZ series, the LZ series) and the non-self-absorption;
5th, divides into according to the transportation medium: Oil pump (AY series, SZA series and so on), paper pulp pump (SE, SED series), dregs thick liquid pump (ZB series, T series), and so on water pump ;
6th, divides into according to the lifting height: Single-stage pump (CH series, SZA series), stage pump (MC series, DG series, AY multistage and so on) ;
In summary, the definite pumps series needs to understand first Our companys product situation, each products application scope, involves the profession, then acts according to the concrete information summary consideration, in following in the craft, a flow fence, we detailed will list Our company product in some typical profession application.